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CBM Services Group Security Division focuses on security, it is our business. In our overall mission to protect businesses, workplaces and communities, we have organized ourselves in order to deliver a more precise service.

Security is the condition of being protected against danger or loss. In the general sense, security is a concept similar to safety. The nuance between the two is an added emphasis on being protected from dangers that originate from outside. Individuals or actions that encroach upon the condition of protection are responsible for the breach of security.

The word "security" in general usage is synonymous with "safety," but as a technical term "security" means that something not only is secure but that it has been secured.

CBM Services Group Inc. Will be happy to provide a no obligation quote for any of our Security Service

· Unarmed Security Officers.

· Field Support Officers (Rovers)

· Field & Site Supervisors.

· Major Account Supervisors & Manager.

· Office & Administrative Support Staff

· Security for Corporate Events

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