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Why not let the professionals at CBM Services Group Inc. Data Center Cleaning Division demonstrate how a comprehensive routine cleaning program can help save money and eliminate downtime.  All IT professionals are aware of the importance of proper data center cleaning and maintenance. It is a well-known fact that the buildup of dust and other particles can short-circuit servers and cause components to overheat, removal of contaminates is something that is usually not taught in IT training or certificate courses . A comprehensive, proactive program for Datacenter Cleaning is one of the most effective strategies to eliminate technology downtime. Smart IT Managers know that the proper care and cleaning of a High Tech Data Center equipment is not the place for the inexperienced.

· Quarterly Maintenance Programs

· Specialized Non –Static Equipment

· Only Non Corrosive Chemicals

· Eliminate Harmful Dust particulates

· Prevent Costly Down Time

· Zinc Whisker Remediation

· Exterior Wipe Down of Hardware

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